What is the difference between the Nespresso Pixie and Essenza?

What is the best nespresso machine between the Nespresso Pixie and Essenza?

That’s the questions a lot of people have been emailing me about.  Instead of answering one email at a time, I thought it would make it much easier for me and my readers if I made a post about it.

We’ll look at what they have in common, and then tackle their differences.  I’ll also show you where to purchase them at the best nespresso machine…let’s get started nespresso review.

What They Have In Common

Built Quality:  Nespresso has been around the over 30 years.  They quality is world renowned.

Capsules:  Both machines use the same capsules from Nespresso.

Pump Pressure:  Both are capable of 19 bars of pressure.

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Summer school for skaters

Ice skating is a winter sport, right? Wrong! Summer offers the most intensive training for serious skaters. Many rinks run summer schools that include related training as well as lots of time on the ice.

Why did seventh graders Heather Mowott and Laurie Elmore of Carmel, Indiana, sign up for summer skating school? “It’s fun!” is their quick reply. Students may be local young people like Heather and Laurie at the beginning levels. Others may be advanced skaters who sometimes travel long distances to train with a specific coach. Some skating schools even offer boarding facilities.


Summer skating-school participants have all finished learn to skate programs in their local rinks. They know how to glide forward and backward, make basic turns, and execute the simplest jumps and spins. Now they are ready to polish their skills

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100 ways to burn 100 calories

Tired of battling the postholiday bulge? This season, try trimming yourself instead of just the tree

Okay, that’s it. You’re tired of that tire, fed up with that flab. You’re going to burn off that belly and keep it off for good. You’ve made your New Year’s resolution, and by gum, this time you’re going to stick to it.

Way to go. Only one problem. It’s not New Year’s yet.


It’s December, a month when even the most dedicated exercisers can fall off their schedules. You’re staring down a long stretch of 31 days filled with parties and family gatherings, trays of cheese puffs and cocktail weenies. This is not an easy time to jump start your workout or begin a whole new training regimen. Especially when you can always mumble, “Well, there’s always next month …,” while choking down another sleigh shaped butter cookie. And burning calories doesn’t only take place in a gym. Even if you’re slacking off this month or putting aside your exercise plans until the new year, you can still start losing weight. Painlessly. Here are 100 ways to bum 100 calories.

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Trampoline fun!

Did you hear about the bear from Missoula, Montana? He climbed a tree and wouldn’t come down. Climbed it right smack in the middle of town. The fire trucks raced in and raised their basket. They waited all day until it was almost sunset. They shot the tranquilizer through the trees and knocked that bear to his knees.

He landed on the trampoline waiting below; he bounced back up, and the townspeople screamed, “Oh!” He bounced to the ground. He didn’t get hurt; that’s good. Then they released him deep in the woods.

The trampoline reviews in this story didn’t have a safety net. If it had, this bear may have been less sore when he woke up. Safety nets around trampolines prevent jumpers from going over the side. Their construction keeps jumpers toward the center of the trampoline and helps to prevent injuries from falls, one of the major causes of injury from trampolines.


Colliding with someone else is another major cause of injury. Jumping one at a time is much safer.

This gives each jumper a chance to get better, feel more confident, and be able to perform at a higher skill level. Once you improve, you can try more acrobatic maneuvers. Gymnasts often train using a harness. A harness supports and protects jumpers while learning new skills.

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F.U.N. fitness for you

Using a “recess mentality,” Strongput emphasizes friendliness, understanding and nurturing.

Remember when dodgeball, “hot legs” (a game where the girls chased the boys), kick the can and hopscotch were the challenges of choice at recess? For today’s kids, play time promises Mother Goose Rock ‘n’ Rhyme and the Barbie Workout and playgrounds provide programs approved by the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports. Despite the commercialized “jargon jungle” of the youth fitness market, today’s youth still asks “When is recess?” with just as much enthusiasm as previous generations.


Are the youth of today healthier and happier than yesterday? A polarity of opinion prevails among industry insiders. While many say children are active but not fit, others point out children are fit, but inactive. “Kids today, going all the way back to the Kennedy Administration, have been oriented to fitness through negative reinforcement,” says Curt Hinson, M.Ed., 1st through 3rd grade P.E. instructor and health and physical education adjunct professor at Wilmington College. “The tests and goals, rewards and performance fitness criteria which left past generations confused and discouraged, now threatens the fitness image of today’s youth. A new attitude is surfacing which can be illustrated by the idea of accepting all children where they are and as they are on a fitness continuum.”

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Gymnastics: fun and fitness

Gymnastics have been with us for hundreds of years. But women’s gymnastics were not in the Olympics until 1928, and even then, the women were not given medals like men. Finally, in 1952, women were allowed to compete and receive medals in four events: vaulting, balance beam, uneven parallel bars, and floor exercise.

A lot has happened since 1952. Girls started taking gymnastics lessons at younger and younger ages. Now, they not only get into this sport for medals, but for the fun and fitness it brings.

used-making fitness fun

Women’s gymnastics have evolved into a sport-art. The artistic side to gymnastics is the graceful moves and dance that are learned. The sport side is the acrobatic tumbling involved.

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History of gymnastics

Whether it’s backyard fun or training for the Olympics, the sport of gymnastics is enjoyed all around the world by people in all walks of life. This sport has existed since ancient times. Soldiers in Ancient Greece used gymnastics as part of their training, which including throwing, wrestling, jumping, and rope climbing. in Rome soldiers trained using a wooden horse, called a vault, that taught them how to mount and dismount horses quickly. Some gymnastic are even used by soldiers today as part of a training regiment.


By the Middle Ages, gymnastics became a form of entertainment. Traveling groups performed acrobatics including juggling and tumbling to show off their flexibility, balance, and strength. In 1896, during the first modern Olympic Games, gymnastics be came one of the sports, showcased. It continues to be an important sport in the Olympic Games today.

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